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Write an essay!

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Write an essay!

Mesazh nga Kotelja prej Thu 18 Sep 2008, 00:30

Benefits of a college education!

People have very different reasons on why going to college and getting an education is important for them. Some people go to college because that is what is expected of them, and others go because they have nothing else better to do. However, I am interested in going to college and obtaining a good education because it will benefit my family, my country, and me. My parents have this perfect life for me pictured in their heads, and the first thing they see me doing is going to college. They expect the best of me, and so by going to college, I will not only have fulfilled their goals for me, but I will have accomplished one of the goals I have set for myself.
A college education is an essential building block to a successful adult life in modern society. My education will provide many important tools necessary to be competitive in the job markets of today and tomorrow. I want my college experience to provide me with greater insight into my true talents, as well as my shortcomings; and allow me to improve upon my stregths, while correcting my weaknesses. College will help me improve not only my academic skills, but also my ability to better understand and get along with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I hope to gain not only great knowledge about a wide variety of subjects, but great insights into myself. I hope to gain confidence in my abilities as a student and as a person.
Preparation for jobs and career is seen as the primary role for higher education. The value of a college degree for many is based upon the ability for advancement in the workplace, monetary value, and to show future and present employers your dedication and commitment.
The value of a college education is greatly dependant upon how the individual feels regarding further education. There are also views that their family instills upon them as to its value. Today in all over the world, most individuals feel that a degree is a key factor to their success. There are also other reasons that individuals feel a degree is important.
A strong reason to go to college is to secure the future! Some other reasons to go to college are: for a better lifestyle, to expand our opportunities, to gain new experience, knowledge and confidence, to enhance our personal interests, became a more rounded individual, to lead our families to greatness, to learn a sense of fairness, to get a great return and to realize our dreams!
A college education can open many doors in a person’s search for a career. People that have attained a college degree are hired in at a higher pay and are more considered to be much more employable. This means that a college graduate would be more likely to be offered employment than another who did not attend college or did not attain a degree.
College will also assist in preparing a person for a career in a particular field. In a vast majority of highly specialized jobs, if one does not have a college degree, there is little to no possibility of securing a career in that chosen field. College will give a person the tools to succeed in the field of their choice. Most people will mature more quickly when they are in a college environment, due to the fact that there is a greater indipedence. Also, they may attain a more prestigious job, such as a doctor, a businessmen or a lawyer. A skilled worker is an asset to their employer. This can aid making them more of a leader within the family.
A college education is a worthy investment! This produces a healthier and better human being. The rate of adult deaths and crime result in a decrease within the nation. The different skills that individuals at college learn to help develop flexibility to ever-changeable environments at the workplace. As per William Blake’s quote, “Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.” In other words, obtaining an education is a challenge and expensive but at the end we will receive the well-deserved compensation.

(I have just write it, it was necessary to do it, now that i have decide to apply at South Eastern European University Postgraduation Degree /Business Administration/ Management. Please, let's talk about the reasons why do we go to college....! Very Happy


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Re: Write an essay!

Mesazh nga Annika prej Tue 23 Sep 2008, 23:41

There are many different reasons why people chose to go to the University to get an academic degree. Some people do it for the reason that they want to be able to make a differents in the world, other do it because someone else told them to go, some do it since it is expected of them. Some don't even know why and in which field they want to study. some don't want to get an academic career at all and some cannot consider otherwise. The reasons are very many and different why we want to go and get an academic degree or not.

1. I wanted to make a differents in the world by helping others and to also be able to give back some for what people did to help my family. This made me choose the medical field.
2. My parent's never put a limited to what we could accomplish in life. They have always pushed and supported us that we could do anything and that we are the only ones who make the limits for ourself.
3. My parent's and some of my teachers believed in me that I could fulfil my dreams and goals of helping others.

This was some of the reasons that made me go for my academic degree in the medical field. This degree has given me so many benefits much, much more than I could ever dream of when I decided to study.
No matter what career we chose being a laywer, doctor, nurse, banker, craftsman, baker, fireman, police officer, hairdresser, teacher and so on. We just have to remember one thing, all study's at any level is an on going process of knowledge where we need to update ourself along the way during or working career.
Knowledge is knowledge and any study at any level is an investment worth every effort to get there. Knowledge is never a waste of time.
As someone once said: "The pen is mightier than the sword".
Knowledge will take us far. vap Very Happy

***Love does something and takes me there next to you...***

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